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Hello! オンライン英会話Ling.en[リンギン]管理チームのTomokoです。






It's great to meet all of you. I am Claude and I hail from the United States. I've been teaching in Japan for over five years. In addition to teaching eikaiwa, I've also checked essays, theses, resumes, and other texts as part of my work. It is my goal to help you succeed and I'm looking forward to working together with all of you. I'd like to answer some of the common questions we have. 


What kind of lesson you are good at teaching? For example, free conversation, article reading and discussion, speaking based on some themes, pronunciation, grammar etc.

I usually prepare article reading and discussion lessons. Many of them are based on news articles but if a student is interested in a subject I try to prepare something that he or she is interested in. As an example, a student seems to enjoy sports, so I readied an article lesson about Muhammad Ali, a famous boxer. Still another student is fascinated by obscure elements of Japanese subculture, so I prepared an article lesson focusing on the history and influence of Takeshi no Chosenjou.

What level of students you are good at teaching the most?

I think I do best with higher-level students.

Do you prepare any materials for new student’s lesson? Or you just have a free conversation?

I like to prepare some articles, but if the student wants to do a free
conversation I'm able to handle that.

What kind of topics you are familiar with, when you have free conversation lessons?

Recent news, entertainment, and things like that. I'm also very familiar with Japanese culture and have talked about important places, people, dates in history, and so on. 

What is your strong point?

I think my experience with Japan gives me a strong insight into challenges faced by students, and my interest in Japanese culture helps me play an active role in conversations concerning it.

Do you think you can conduct 45 min long lessons focusing on pronunciation or grammar?

I have prepared materials to help with those, so I think so.















See you!