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シンガポール人はシングリッシュを話す?ー Singaporean speaks Singlish?【リーディング・初中級】


Hello! Ling.en管理チームのTomokoです。



シングリッシュとはSingaporean Englishに由来する単語で、シンガポールで話される英語のことです。



Hello. This is Faisal. I will answer to some common questions about Singlish.

As Tomoko rightly pointed out, Singlish is a pidgin.


And Singaporeans speak it with varying accents and intonations.

For example, speakers of Singlish tend to add “lah” at the end of every sentence, as in “Please give me a kiss, lah”


Do many Singaporean speak Singlish?
Singaporean speak Singlish to feel connected with one another. But they avoid it in business meetings, especially when non-Singaporeans are around


Do you speak Singlish?
I can speak Singlish if I want to. But because I speak with suppliers and customers worldwide, I hardly speak it these days.


Some Japanese business people had some difficulties to hear Singaporean’s English. Do you have any advice?

Japanese business people need not be concerned about Singlish when doing business in Singapore. As mentioned, Singaporeans tend to avoid Singlish when doing business with foreigners.

However, if you do ever encounter Singlish, do not hesitate to tell the speaker that you are not familiar with Singlish. And please ask them to speak slowly and clearly.








See you!