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アメリカの大学での日本人学生との出会い…そして日本へ - Rene先生の自己紹介【リーディング・初級】

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Hi, My name is Rene, I was born in Chile, grew up in California, Santa Monica and now live in Japan with my family.

At school in Santa Monica College I had my first encounter with Japanese students, they were amazingly well mannered, respectful and in class they were some of the best students. They had a great concentration ability and I was attached by their study habits. They introduced me to Sushi and told me many stories about old Japan, the samurai, kimonos and Caligraphy.

The longing to know this country grew with time, although I had no idea how or when

this was going to be possible. I guess life has its ways to push us towards our dreams,

I had no money but I belonged to a Karate team at school, that team was preparing  a trip to participate in the first Wold karate Cup (JKA). The top five classified members were going to made the National USA team and get a paid airfare trip to Tokyo.

I was going through exam periods at that time, but I spent my time training so hard

that at times I felt asleep in class.

I took first place and won the US Nationals Collegiate Championships in California.

I met my wife in Japan, my son was born here and  graduated from Sophia Unversity, my daughter is graduating from high school this year. 

Today I work as an English teacher and Consultant for a recruiting company. I have many students in Japan and from around the world, I feel that I have the best job in the world.

Go for your dreams!

Rene Vildosola








またTOEIC, TOEFL, IELTSのテスト対策のレッスンも得意としていますので、テスト対策のためのレッスンを行いたい方もぜひRene先生のレッスンをお試しください。



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