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What is difference between Japan and Singapore? - Faisal先生のご紹介【リーディング・初中級】

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Teacher Faisal from Singapore

f:id:haguretomo:20160423141630j:plainHello All, my name is Faisal Maricar. I lived in Japan for 6 years before returning to Singapore. I am presently working for a Japanese trading company.



What is difference between Japan and Singapore?


The biggest difference between Japan and Singapore is the racial make-up. In Japan, you would see mostly Japanese people. But in Singapore, you would various races.

The Chinese makes up the majority, followed by the Malays and the Indians. Africans, Arabs, Armenian, Eurasian, Europeans, Jews and others make up the rest.

The 2nd difference between Japan and Singapore is the working style.

Japanese business people tend to focus on form, not substance, on process, not result.


The mantra Singapore business people follows is: “Work Smart, Don’t Work Hard”.

Another mantra is: “Work Less, Earn More”

So bosses in Singapore, including Japanese bosses, really do not care how the workers work as long as we can get the result.

Working overtime signifies incompetence and inefficiency. But in Japan, a very common sight is to see business people staying back after office hours.


In my lessons, you can not only learn English, but also get to know Singapore’s international culture and business style.


About my Business English lessons

Business English is all about learning collocations. I would conduct our Business English lessons focusing on collocations and business reports. I will use a lot of contextualize role-plays.

For example, if you are working for a Japanese maker but your customers is outside Japan, we will stimulate a negotiation role-play.


I hope to meet you soon!






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